{What People Are Saying About Tadassi’s Eye Candy}

“The cake was a big hit, everyone enjoyed it and the taste was scrumptious. Thank you so much. “ – Rev. D. Rounds-Hale

“The experience was absolutely fantastic. You created my vision with very little input and the additional challenge of having an out of town bride. The cupcake tower was absolutely breathtaking! The convertible SAAB was amazing. Marsette did not want to cut the cake and actually refused to cut it at the wedding. With lots of prodding he cut it the next day at the family gathering. The cupcakes were a hit!! The red velvet and chocolate ones went quickly. Red velvet is my favorite and I didn’t even get one! The groom continues to be amazed at the cake and the cupcakes. Chocolate is his favorite and we both must say the cake was so moist!We have already begun to share your information with many guest in attendance. We also look forward to utilizing your services again in the future.Many Blessings,”M. & M. Mangum

“These cakes are beautiful and VERY creative! i will definetly be ordering in the near future!!!” – Tanya

“That cake was sooooo good!!! We gotta do business.” – T. Letrece

“This cake took our Princess Ball to another level on last night. Once the cake was set up, the kitchen help came out to take pictures and the line and crowd to take the picture of this work of art was non-stop especially when the manager lit the arch around it. The castle came to life and it was a lasting moment left on the lives of so many girls. Thank You again Tadassi” – S. Sterling

“THISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS​SS makeup cake belongs to me the makeup artist! I WAS SPEECHLESS and amazed! I barely wanted to cut my cake! I had a challenging birthday week but this made my heart smile! When I did cut it ……….OH MY GOD the taste was beyond divine! MAY God give unstoppable blessings and favor and open access and open doors! I AM A HUGEEEEEEEEEE FAN!”ICannye

“As an Event Planner and Entertainment Director I can tell you that the cake is often the center of the event. Tadassis Eye Candy really sets the stage for a memorable event and conversation!!!”
– K. Tirio

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