Flavors and Fillings

Cake FlavorsClassic Yellow
A classic flavor that is sure to please. Our classic yellow cake is moist and satisfying.

Zesty Lemon
This cake won’t make your mouth pucker, but your lips will be ready for more of the sweet taste of this delicious and zesty lemon flavor. Sure to please the most zealous lemon cake lover this cake can be combined with cream cheese, lemon cream cheese or butter cream frostings

Mocha State of Mind
Coffee lovers rejoice! Mocha State of Mind delivers the robust flavor of espresso and rich chocolate in a cake that will wake up your pallet. This cake features espresso flavored butter cream that will make your taste bud pop with excitement for the next bite.

Chocolate Sin-sation
You will feel the rush from the top of your head to the soles of your feet as you bite into this delectable delight. Made from the finest quality chocolate this sin-sation will have you begging for more of its rich, moist, cocoa flavor.

Red Velvet Moist rich and satisfying this cake has a one of a kind flavor that will leave you wanting more. If you have never tasted red velvet, you are in for a treat; if you have get ready for the best red velvet you have ever tasted.

Frosting and Filling

Swiss Merignue Butter Cream –
This buttercream is made from fresh egg whites, butter, sugar and pure vanilla, resulting in a smooth silky texture that melts on the tongue.

Flavors; vanilla bean, white or dark chocolate, strawberry, Rum, Kahlua, espresso, praline, peanut butter, lemon, lime or orange citrus

Cream Cheese Frosting – made from fresh butter, cream cheese and sugar; chocolate, vanilla, coconut or ginger are great compliments to cream cheese frosting.

Ganache – made from rich chocolate and heavy cream, a decadent filling and frosting often referred to as truffle frosting.

Fillings – Strawberry, Bannana, Pineapple, Raspberry

* We also offer specialty flavors (German Chocolate, Carrot, Chocolate Mint, etc.)

About Flavors and Frostings:

We provide a wide variety of flavors. Don’t see something you like? Ask us.

Each flavor has been crafted to please. It is our mission to deliver the richest and fullest flavor possible so that your expectation is met with great delight. Our most important goal is the taste of our creation; we know that a cake is not memorable unless it is delicious.

Each order is create to order from scratch with the freshest ingredients available and all of our cakes and frostings are free from margarine, lard and shortening.

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